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Going vegan a few years ago was surprisingly easy for me, I was already vegetarian so it was only really a case of giving up eggs and dairy. At the time, I thought that cheese would be my biggest struggle but with so many vegan options on the market, it really wasn’t a problem.

A lot of people ask me how I could give certain dishes up but on the most part, I haven’t had to, it’s more a case of adapting recipes and substituting ingredients to come up with mouth watering vegan meals.

I’m not a trained chef, I learned to cook the old fashioned way, by watching and helping my Mum in the kitchen and through trial and error.

Being vegan is better for your health, digestion, energy levels, complexion, weight and mostly your soul, knowing you’re not contributing to the harm and suffering of animals for your diet makes for an all round happier feeling of well being.

At first I started this venture due to the amount of requests I had for my recipes but being vegan isn’t just a dietary choice, it’s a lifestyle so I decided to widen the subject matter to incorporate all the things that make up my vegan lifestyle.

Being an actress and model, I don’t work all the time like I would if I had a 9-5 so in between jobs, I have plenty of time at home to create new recipes, saying that, I’m not somebody who wants to spend hours in the kitchen as I do have other things to do which means most of the recipes here are going to be quick and easy for you to follow whether you’re looking to make the vegan transition or just wanting some inspiration in the kitchen, this should make plant based cooking and eating easier for you.

With that, I’d like to welcome to The Vegan Vamp.


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